Post Election rub down

Greetings grapple fans! I must start by saying it's a privilege to be able to make things every day. In the two weeks since the election result, printing has been the only thing that's helped me rise above the despair for what lies ahead... So, let's cut straight to the chase. Someone wiser, but less glamorous than Beyoncé once wrote... when we yield the rights of others we endanger our own. 



WARNING: Look away now if you're allergic to raspberry jam.

It occurred to me whilst listening to *War Of The Worlds & eating a doughnut one night during the run up to the election that prog rock may hold the answers to some of life's great questions. Is there REALLY life on Mars? You better believe it! And what's more, they're coming for our wives, our money, our homes & our jammy fracking doughnuts!!! In space, they really can hear you licking that sugar off your lips...

*mixing prog rock & cheap jam can make you horribly paranoid, but that's still no excuse for voting UKIP

When he's not answering fan mail, little Ern has mostly been spending his time leaping up the stairs that love has built to look out of the window that hope has opened. Ever the optimist.

I'm not ready for that yet. I don't mind admitting it was hard to get out of bed for two days after the election, but on the third day I rose like the proverbial phoenix in search of a bacon butty... & Ernie badly needed a wee.

Denial came long before the election, then hoping against hope on polling day... anger at Billy Bragg swiftly followed & despair kicked in as the new cabinet was announced.

As the left heads right, acceptance eludes me. The politics of fear have won out; throwing vulnerable people under the bus will not keep us safe when it's our turn to cross the road. As Beyoncé (feat. Green Cross man) once sang: look right, look left... you got me looking crazy right now. 

Chin up.