Greetings grapple fans! We've calmed down a bit this month; raspberry jam & War of the Worlds has been cast aside for Leonard Cohen & a bamboo mat on Ernie's side of the studio. And.... breeeeeeathe... 

We have two new prints available & the lino workshops are back in action...

The printing process is such a delightful & satisfying journey so we'd like to share a few pictures of the making process with you along with the finished posters....


 Laser cut images, honeycomb text & wood type. A2 size.



DATES: 5th & 26th July. 

This one day course will give you the chance to explore the wonderful world of lino cutting & print making. Bring your ideas for a lino cut, take proofs, mix colours & make a small edition on the mighty Vandercook press. 
With plenty of tea and cake & lots of technical help you’ll go home with a set of unique letterpress prints and a strong sense of satisfaction.
This is the ideal gift for anyone with a love of old school technology, printmaking and cake.
£65. 10am-5pm, materials & refreshments included. Maximum of 4 people per workshop (over 18's only)


A few pictures from last week's lino cutting workshop at Ditching, printing in the sunshine with a garden roller...


I will be running a wood engraving & letterpress weekend with Jude Clynick on 18th & 19th July at Ditchling Museum. Book here.


Whilst Ernie has been lounging on the sofa with his friend Finn, contemplating the idea that without impermanence, nothing is possible... I have been roughing it in the aisles of Ikea. It is indeed true that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but I think it was Beyoncé's cleaning lady that added - of course, that first step is so much easier when there's meatballs & a small pot of lingonberry sauce waiting for you at the end of it.

A final word of advice... never tell a lurcher about vegan meatballs.

It can get ugly.

I recently had the lovely people from Brighton Doctoral College come to the Lucky Budgie studio for a team building day, all 12 of them! It was a bit of a squeeze but it turned out really well. We had three teams of four people collaborating, one poster per team... writing words, choosing type, setting chases, proofing designs, choosing colours & printing the final poster designs on the mighty Vandercook, with a slap up lunch at the Jerwood Gallery in between. We also made some rather random postcards on the hand proof press. I had such a good time I forgot to take photos, doh!

The studio can accommodate a maximum of 12 people plus myself & Ernie. The day runs from 10am-4pm with an hour for lunch. All materials & refreshments are included. 

If you'd like more information & prices please email me here: or ring 07786 071703. 

Greetings grapple fans!

Last week we fired up the Landrover & went to print with the 'crown jewels' of wood type in the infamous press room at Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft. We set a poster that you can print on the proof press on Saturday 20th Sept, the first anniversary since their refurbishment. Entry to the museum is free & there will be a host of pop-up shops too, so please come along & join in the #artcraftparty. We're looking forward to printing posters, eating cake & drinking beer with you.

We can't reveal what the poster looks like, it's a closely guarded secret, so... you'll just have to come & crank the handle for yourself & see what comes out!

Here's the wood type we used to get the press running sweetly. Gill sans! Gill sans!! As BIG as yer 'aaaands...


I'll have a P please, Eric.


Dogs aren't allowed in the museum so Ernie will stay home & be drip fed a calming cocktail of valium & Birds custard. Ernie's stunt double for the day will be the very able Mr Thomas Appleton, stone carver & tip top type-picker. The poster would never have been set in one afternoon without his valuable input.



SEE YOU ON THE 20TH SEPT 11am-10pm



Photograph of Thomas © Nathaniel Hepburn
Photographs of Pea © djbrass
Photgraphs of Ernie & the press room © Pea