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Happy 2020! Welcome to a brand new year of activism and bridge building. I saw a tweet just before the New Year from @foodbankmum (now known as @Milly_caspaces) on twitter, she wrote a list of commitments and advice to other people struggling to make ends meet... and let's face it that's millions of people in the UK. There are 37,000 children living in poverty in Sussex alone. Anyway, it read like a manifesto... proactive and proud! I got inspired and this emerged. It's a small thing, but it's what I do. Let's spread some hope and kindness.

You can follow her on twitter here. I hope to work more with @foodbankmum (now @Milly_caspaces) in the future. She now advocates for people struggling against injustice in the system, grows her own food and upcycles furniture. She's awesome.

Bring  it on!