Pea Crabtree is a letterpress printmaker based in Hastings. She runs regular workshops at her studio & loves to take her wood type collection & proof press to museums & galleries to get people involved in the magical world of printmaking.

She was lead artist on Ditchling Museum's Big Steam Print project in 2016; a series of events in the South East that involved artists & students printing giant lino cuts with a 12 tonne vintage steam roller.

She also works with young people with two local charities as a community artist. One of her ambitions for 2017 is to ride the steam roller again. If things go to plan she will be using it to make huge mono prints with local young people, their families & artists on their home turf in Hastings. She has other, way more secret plans that can't be revealed here; the blue prints for these are buried in a time capsule, the whereabouts of which is known only to her dog, Ernie.

When they're not making prints, Pea & Ernie like to eat breakfast cereals made popular in the 1970's. Warning: DO NOT expose either of them to Weetabix after midnight.